The Filipski-Bigrigg Wedding!

Two Hearts...One Love

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A Little About Us...
Karen and Michael are both interested in computer science, engineering, research and teaching. Karen is currently a product manager at a software company, and she also enjoys adjunct/part time teaching at the University of Pittsburgh, Indiana University of PA and Pittsburgh Technical Institute. Michael is currently completing his engineering PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, and is a project scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. Karen and Michael work and play together; they are refurbishing their home in Squirrel Hill, continue to write and research academic papers together, and love to go out with friends and family. Karen and Michael are kindred spirits who love each other deeply and look forward to living their lives together.
How We Met...
In the fall of 2000, Michael and Karen met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the University of Pittsburgh. After Karen graduated with her undergraduate degrees in 2002, she moved back to Philadelphia, and they lost touch.

A few years later, after a first date at Casbah, they realized the timing for their relationship just wasn't right. But, they felt connected from the start!

However, Karen's voodoo magic worked and a few years later her master plan was put into place!

In the winter of 2006, Mike re-established connection with Karen, which led to a double date with Liz and Paul at Sushi Too and Dish during a Pittsburgh visit for Karen. Their relationship progressed quickly, and Karen moved in with Mike at the end of July, 2006.

Jokingly, Karen and Mike refer to themselves as "the old married couple," and Liz and Paul are fond of saying "you guys deserve each other!" They are very fortunate to have found best friends in each other; they can always count on each other through everything as they move through life together. Mike and Karen bring out the best in each other, from when they write academic papers together, plan a wedding together, refurbishing their home together, and spending family time together. Two love.

Our Engagement - March 13, 2007...
Mike asked Karen to marry him with a very romantic, private surprise! At the time, Karen was teaching a night class at the University of Pittsburgh. After class completed, Michael called Karen and asked her if she was coming home soon, since he was hungry and wanted to go out to eat! Karen tried to reassure him that she would be home within fifteen minutes!

Unknown to Karen, Mike had off from work due to spring break all week! He had rented a helium tank, and had a romantic surprise awaiting Karen in the living room......

When Karen arrived at the house, Mike was sitting outside on the porch, talking on the phone. It was a beautiful, crisp day, and the sun was starting to set. The blinds were closed, but Karen didn't notice. Mike told Karen that he had to use the restroom before they went to dinner and suggested she drop off her books before heading off to dinner.....

When Karen entered the room, the lights were low, and the living room was transformed! About 150 red helium balloons filled the room, some floating on the ceiling, and others were floating at different heights. A huge floral display engulfed the coffee table, comprised of red, pink, and cream flowers, including star gazer lilies. Red and white string lights lit up the room and set the romantic mood. Additionally, their wedding song was playing - "I Finally Found Someone." When Karen caught her breath, Mike got down on one knee and proposed. It was like a dream, ending with a private release of some of the red balloons into the outside air.

Michael hung the ring from two silver heart balloons, each representing Michael and Karen, the foundation of their love.