The Filipski-Bigrigg Wedding!

Two Hearts...One Love

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Maid of Honor - Liz Heltman
Lizzie has been Karen's close friend since undergraduate college days at the University of Pittsburgh in the 1990s. Liz is a power-geek-goddess extraordinaire, with a flare for the technical and creative. Who else can troubleshoot a grill with such pizzazz? Pluses to Liz: non-judgmental, supportive, loyal, reliable, fun, creative, expressive, and laid-back.
Bridesmaids - Carolyn and Eileen Filipski
Carolyn and Eileen "da Bean" Filipski are Karen's two little sisters; little sisters who tower over her! Carolyn is quiet - but you have to watch out for the quiet ones, especially Carebear! She is starting at the College of New Jersey this fall, and she intends on studying math and education. Da Bean is wild and crazy, just like her sister Karen. Eileen will be a senior at Villa Joseph Marie High School this fall.
Best Man - Bob Bigrigg & Groomsman - Matthew Filipski
Bob is Mike's older brother, and Matthew is Karen's little brother. Strangely enough, Bob is six years older than Mike, and Karen is six years older than Matt. The groom's party is full of love; Bob and Mike have the biggest hearts and would do anything for family and friends. Pluses to Bob: great debater, realist, good listener, and pays attention to details. Pluses to Matt: hard worker, sticks by his friends and families, and makes awesome hobbit voices!